World Cup 2019 Guides

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World Cup 2019 Guides

Notapor Joemanji » Mar Ene 22, 2019 7:35 pm

Hi everyone!

Firstly, let me apologise for posting in English. I suspect most of you speak better English than Google Translate does your language. :D

I'm going to be writing a series of team guides for this year's NAF World Cup. The plan is to complete roughly one per week so that they are all done before the August 16th roster submission deadline. These will be available as Patron-only exclusives on my Patreon page. The first two are available ready now, featuring Shambling Undead and Wood Elves.

I'm also offering a couple of bonus tiers, one for those who want to pick which article I write next and one for those who would be interested in regular coaching sessions (via FUMBBL and Discord voice chat).

If that's something you'd be interested in reading, why not pop along to my page?

You can also follow me on Twitter:
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